Buy 3MMC (3‑Methylmethcathinone), also known as metahedrone, is a synthetic drug of the cathinone family. It’s a ​structural analog” of mephedrone, which means that it’s pretty much the same thing but without the unmistakable stench of cat piss. It’s not new, first appearing in Sweden a decade ago. But it’s been having a bit of a moment across Europe recently.


3MMC For Sale

3mmc for sale in terms of effect, it’s pretty similar to mephedrone. Think: the stimulant effects of MDMA , Coacaine for sale or LSD for sale  but minus the rushy empathy, the horniness of cocaine without the ego, and the longevity of speed but with a worse comedown. It feels like halfway between ecstasy and coke but it lasts a lot longer. With clean MDMA, you can expect to sleep when you get home from a club. With 3‑MMC, you’re not going to sleep for a while.

This is a 3-mmc drug that’ll keep you in the club until that traumatic moment when they turn the house lights on and it feels like your brain is dribbling out of your eyeballs.

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3MMC For Sale | Buy 3-mmc Online 

Buy 3mmc online according to research group DrugScience, if you re-dose too frequently you could end up suffering from ​hyperstimulation, anxiety, insomnia and potentially even psychosis”. The Loop suggests seeking medical attention if you or your mates have ​a significantly raised temperature, muscle rigidity, non-responsiveness, agitation or seizure”.

When is a good time to call an ambulance? ​Based on the available information,” Dr Gallegos says that ​the clinical features of poisoning with 3‑MMC are similar to those observed with other synthetic cathinones like mephedrone. Adverse effects from overdosing 3‑MMC might include neurological (hallucinations, seizures, agitation, anxiety, psychosis), cardiovascular (like hypertension, chest pain, cardiac arrest) and respiratory clinical features.”

What is 3MMC ?

3-MMC, or metaphedrone, is a synthetic cathinone that first appeared on the ‘legal high’ market. Let’s take a closer look…

3-MMC is short for 3-Methylmethcathinone, and it’s also known as metaphedrone. It’s part of the synthetic cathinone family and is an analogue of mephedrone. That means it was designed to mimic the same structural features of mephedrone after it was banned.

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How to buy 3mmc within many countries in the EU are just buying 3‑MMC now, so this has become part of the bizarre game of whack-a-mole between the law-makers and underground chemists. One substance gets banned, another pops up in its place like an unelected Tory prime minister. Yesterday’s 4‑MMC is today’s 3‑MMC and tomorrow it’ll be something else. It’s all a futile effort. According to the UN, ​As of mid-June 2022, 183 unique synthetic cathinones were reported by 41 European countries.”

We’re on about the twenty-fifth generation of ​legal highs” now. But this process still powers on like a drug policy merry-go-round. Until it’s regulated, every new incarnation of cathinones it spits out increases the harm to users.